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Florida’s perfect sunshine and beaches give Florida homeowners a reason to feel proud. However, with its beauty comes its risks. Due to the state’s long seacoast, low elevation and high water tables, Florida homes are often at risk of natural disaster damage.

Ask yourself: When Mother Nature strikes, is your insurance policy ready to support your home damages? Around 90% insurance policy holders are confused or misled by their policy coverage, leaving them with little to no payouts from an insurance claim

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Southwest Florida Insurance Lawyers .

Your house is more than just a house. It is a home. It is a place that is protected against natural disasters and elements through homeowners insurance.

Filing a claim with most insurance companies to repair your home after damages occur can be a very difficult and confusing process. Many insured homeowners are left with partial or denied claims.

It is found that:

• In 2017, Florida homeowners filed for 839,570 insurance claims due to Hurricane Irma
• More than 260,000 claims from Hurricane Irma remain unpaid or denied entirely.
• Roughly 64,000 claims from this same natural disaster still remain open and untouched.

Kling Law Fights For You In the Following Areas

Mother Nature is unpredictable, unleashing unwanted damage to your property when you least expect it. Kling Law of Southwest Florida specializes in multiple areas to help in a variety of ways::

• Sinkhole Damage
• Water Damage
• Wind Damage

• Termite Collapse
• Mold Damage
• Hurricane Damage

Kling Law’s legal team has persistently been protecting homeowner’s insurance claim rights for the citizens of Florida for over 9 years. We help you get the claim you deserve.

Let us help you File Your Claim

Filing an insurance claim can be a painstaking and confusing process. Most times, proper documentation is required of pre- and post-damage so that proper assessments can be made for your payout.

Roughly 90% of current policy holders think that the legal terminology within their policy is hard to comprehend. Our team of experienced insurance claim lawyers can help you navigate this process, cutting through the legal jargon and getting you on the path to a proper payout.


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